House Sitting at Nightfall

56d379844d5b5435252d757106106540 I remember a time when I couldn’t come along with my second family to Vegas. It was the middle of summer and everyone decided to take a break instead of taking summer semester. I had a lot of work to do.

Research papers, projects and statistics homework…

This picture I found was eerily similar to the living room during the day, when I was watching their house. I don’t like being alone in big houses. I don’t even know why I decided to do them the favor of house sitting for them while they were in Vegas. I thought, ‘Sure, why not? I could use the space and quiet to get my work done.’

I was sorely mistaken…

The house has an open layout and was once a duplex before the entire second floor burned in the fire. I’m not too familiar about the history of the house, but I know that a lot had happened before I met the family. The living room is almost exactly decorated in the same fashion. Their furnishings were of a Victorian style throughout their humble abode. There are windows along every side of the home, lined with gold drapery. It’s spacious, enough to do a couple back flips without worrying about hitting anything. In the dining room, which would be a little further behind under this chandelier, is a long dining table adorned with Victorian style chairs as well. From the dining room, it led to the kitchen then to the laundry room, outside of the home. The division of the house was obvious so the bathroom was on the other side of the hallway around the corner blocked by an archway; you would never be able to tell if someone is in there from a distance.  There’s a total of 7 bedrooms so I was used to hearing the sounds of the tv on all day and laughter. They’re a loud bunch.

Nightfall came all too quickly.

The silence scared me to death… I didn’t have my laptop charger with me so I was forced to shut it off. To top it off, my mind wandered for a bit while I was working on my research paper. For some reason, I subconsciously racked my brain, thinking up all these possible scenarios that could happen while I was house sitting. I was paranoid; turning to look back whenever there was a creak. I hate when it happens…

It didn’t ease me at all when the wind picked up and made the tree branches scratch some of the windows. It made the loose gate towards the back of the house bang against the wooden door a few times. Not long before 11pm, the wind gathered up enough strength to rattle the doorknob at the entrance. The dog was long gone by this time, hiding in her cubby and never came back out for the rest of the night. I didn’t go upstairs because the narrow hallway to get up there was unnerving. The light switches were inconveniently placed in the middle of the unlit hallway. The layout of the second floor is unsettling. If you look up the staircase, you would see bathroom. At the time, it was pitch black upstairs. Shadows wandered, or so I thought, but I tried my hardest to push that thought far behind me.

I slept in the middle of the living room with the lights of the chandelier on, buried under a fluffy blanket, using it as my shield to muffle the sounds of the night.

I swear to you… I thought that I was not going to make it out of the house by daybreak. My thoughts would not rest…


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