In case you’re w(a)ndering…

Instead of going out to celebrate my birthday, I decided to sit here and write a birthday post about this topic, a treat for me. The name of the entry just reeled me in and I just couldn’t help it…



I found this picture while browsing through Pinterest not long ago. I actually have this as my wallpaper on my laptop. I remember writing my ‘About Me’ page last week, stating briefly about my desire to travel. I’ve dreamed of many places I’ve always wanted to experience. The mere thought of visiting is just not enough to satiate my longing to travel outside of places I’m familiar with.

Although people I’m familiar with hardly see me in one place, I’ve amazingly only been to Seattle, WA and Las Vegas, NV. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, my close relatives didn’t really feel the need to leave the city as much except for the annual trip to Seattle. It was a trip from Point A to Point B; nothing in between. The fine line between those two points were just that, long-drawn-out and static. Don’t take this the wrong way. I have no complaints about the company I was with, whenever we went to Vegas or Seattle. There were a great deal of memories with them; both good and bad. No regrets.

But… I never got the chance to wander. I’m naturally curious so it always irked me whenever there was a curfew to follow or whenever everyone else was too tired to continue walking. Those years are long gone.

As of today, I’m 23. I have much more free time. The word, wanderlust, has been lingering through since the day I got my car. The first thing I thought of was planning a road trip with a few friends, very few. Although I enjoy company, I feel restricted at times because not everyone has the same energy, the same desire to travel, the same excitement, or fervent curiosity. This is where I notice the differences most with my group of friends. 

I have a collage of places posted on my wall, places I’ve never been and places I’ve always dreamed of. I don’t just want a road trip… I want to fly out to different countries as well when I get the chance. Some friends have told me that I was being a little ridiculous, but I’m planning to get a passport within the next two years to have that as my motivation.

I’ve been told that I’m too young and that I’m too much of a dreamer, but I don’t agree. I don’t see anything wrong with being young and endeavoring those dreams.



Fearless Fridays! [01]

Interview - Success!

This morning I slept at 2AM. It didn’t hit me until I felt my leg start to cramp up (from sitting on it too long) that I realized I had a lot planned out for the rest of the day. I spent most of yesterday night just listening to music and visiting other blogs to satiate my curiosity with great writing. Too wordy for a casual post ?

Anyways, everything I had planned for the rest of the morning and afternoon was work/school-related; a reason for me to get out of my “comfy” bed and get some sunlight for a change.

Why is this a Fearless Friday post?

Here’s why:

  1. Interview with a hiring manager
  2. 3 hour review with my old instructor to take the certification exam on 11.22
  3. Talk to my supervisor about my temporary leave due to work at the hospital


I’ll admit I was not a nervous wreck this time, but I was still unsure of myself because I didn’t prepare for the interview. I was dressed for the part and had my portfolio ready, but that’s all I brought along with me. I didn’t know what to expect from the interview. I had this thought racing through my mind the whole time while I was waiting for my turn that I’d do well; even though I had nothing scripted to say like I usually would.

When my name was finally called, I jumped right up and strutted behind her, totally aware of the fact that my heels were the echoing through the hallway. I noticed all the stares, but didn’t let it phase me. If  there just so happened to be some acquaintances near by, they wouldn’t have recognized me. I’m almost sure of it. I don’t know where this random rush of confidence came from, but it felt really good.

Not long after the interview, I had a review to attend with an instructor I haven’t seen since the beginning of this year. I’m not sure if she remembered me because I wasn’t in scrubs this time. I remember her strict rules and her intimidating stares whenever she lectured class. I pretty sat through the grueling hours of it, trying to focus.

I was starving because I didn’t have my lunch prepared. I was not prepared for this day at all! (Yes, I’m completely aware that it’s my fault.)

By the time it was over, I had to rush over to the west side of the city before closing time at the office to talk to my supervisor. Since she was pressed for time, it didn’t take long at all. Quick nods and a simple “Okay, that’s fine sweetie,” was all I got.

This day didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. My other paranoid self, which I managed to push behind me, would’ve been a mess by the end of the day.



Ok so I know that this fearless friday was extreme in certain ways that some wouldn’t understand.

I promise to have a variety of fearless fridays to come.

I hope I can commit to these prompts 🙂




JC Bride ~

Black is:

The color of my coffee every morning

The color of my hair, my crowning glory

The color of my eyes, the window to my soul

The color of my sorrow, whenever I’m alone









Black is:

The color of the night, when dark thoughts are summoned

The color of dirt in my hand, as I crawl my way forth

The color of my shadow, to remind me of the light

The color of all colors, the shade of all shades


Daily Prompt: Intense!

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