Less stress. Eat less. Less work. Less stress. Eat less. Less work.

This is what constantly runs though my mind before I head to work. I say a little prayer each day – for a hopefully peaceful day.

I’m supposed to be asleep right now because I’ll be charge tomorrow again. I can’t sleep because my mind is not at rest. My body’s aching – tired – sore. My last resort would be to end up taking medication for my anxiety.

This morning I came into work, expecting to do MDS so I came in late… I had a gut feeling the night before that someone would call off. It irked me for the longest time before heading off to bed. When I came in this morning, sure enough… I was told that I’d be charge. Eight hours off MDS – I’m behind again. I also had a no call – no show CNA.

I’m starting to write more. I need to.

People say that the facility I’m working at is such a “chill” place or “so easy”. What makes this place so easy is how many things people get away with. The bosses care up to a certain point. Red flag!

One point I’ll get across is – never admit a loved one into a nursing home!

I believe in what’s right. I try to be fair. I’m an advocate to these people. I want to do things the right way.

I don’t understand how some people pass medications to 40+ patients within 1 hour – sometimes even just 45 minutes

I don’t understand how some people don’t wash their hands

I don’t understand how some people don’t suction

I don’t understand how some people don’t flush Gtubes

I don’t understand how some people sleep on the job!

I don’t understand how some people skip house medications – just go for the important ones

I don’t understand how some people sit around at the station and just use their phone when they could be doing rounds

This is why I’m not fit for a nursing home.

People always ask why I look so stressed. The only thing I can tell them is, “You just don’t understand.”





Night Owls and their Coffee ~

Habits are hard to break, especially when it comes to coffee, my personal escape to heighten my senses. For many reasons, I consider myself to be a morning person; not by choice.

Los Angeles | Many know this city as a place of action. You can’t miss the traffic, aggressive drivers, the accidents, the sounds of the sirens blaring through small neighborhoods, the pounding of car speakers, hopped-up LA people (the chatter), etc. All this movement tends to happen most during the day, as early as 6AM some days.


Most workplaces come alive during the day. It’s busy everywhere you turn; save for the gated communities and   some private estates. Once you’re done with high school, you’re given the option to take night classes or afternoon classes. Of course, as a freshman, I did not want to peel myself out of bed in the morning, due to lack of sleep, just to go to class. At 17, I wasn’t too fond of college at the time. I was given a set schedule and of course… I was handed a few morning classes. It was also during those years, coffee became my best buddy.

I made a habit of staying up late because I was hardly home. Forever wandering. 

Every morning, I made my coffee at ease to start off my day and did what I was supposed to, my daily routine. Every morning I also found myself drained of energy even after a cup of brew… or even two! I would manage to pull myself together anyway just to get through the day.

By the time the busiest part of the day was over, it was  late in the afternoon, when the sun was close to setting. Street lights would flicker on, the trail of flowing red lights because of the traffic would pick up, the decor from rather expensive-looking restaurants would be illuminated by a luster of lights, etc. There’s less noise and it’s much more relaxing.

Needless to say, I was always tired after class or work, but that never stopped me from roaming the city late at night.

(The picture above isn’t Los Angeles. Chose it because it’s appealing to me. Credit to owner of image ->